Your fans want to learn. Sell an experience they won’t forget.

Use Classcamp to offer interactive learning programs. Your fans have fun levelling up together, you build a teaching empire. Win-win!

Bring your fans together

Strengthen your community with a shared learning experience. Fans will react to each other’s progress, discuss their perspectives and motivate one another.

Customized to your brand

Create a program that has your identity and communicates your vision. Your brand will always be front and center throughout the whole experience. You’re in control.

Made to sell on YouTube and social

Open a cohort every few months, post a launch video every time. Each program is unique, exclusive (limited seats) and therefore worth talking about – #feedthealgorithm

Grows over time

Offer real value, get repeat business. Participants are 10x more likely to finish a Classcamp program than a regular online course. So your fans will actually learn something, tell their friends and come back for more.

Offer a structured program over a few days or weeks

Teach with pre-recorded or live lessons. Give fans assignments and collect their submissions. React live or using reaction videos.

How it works

Pick your topic

What are you going to teach? Pick something you love. It helps to be specific and choose a small topic first.

Approve program

Our experts will suggest a program outline, tailored to you. Programs range from 7 days to 4 weeks.

Promote and sell

Start earning as your fans start enrolling. Boost sales with early-bird discounts. We'll help you get the money rolling in.

Interact with fans

During the program you can chat, comment, do live streams and post reaction videos. Your fans will love it.

A simple tool to sell and host interactive learning experiences

Teaching allows thousands of creators to make a living doing what they love. You too can get started today.